ASP.Net 3.5 Exception Handler for WinForm and WebForm Apps (written in C#)

This is an industrial-strength exception handling class utility that does automatic logging to all common error-logging mediums (email, eventlog, logfile, xmlfile, sqldatabase, and/or msgbox). It is especially useful in WebForm apps because it allows all error handling, recording, and display to be centrally done. A friendly error page can easily be created for user display, and all non-recoverable errors can be reliably routed to that page. Full documentation is included, along with webform samples.

Download Exception Handler Source and Binary Code

ASP.Net 3.5 SQL Access for WinForm and WebForm Apps (written in C#)

These are two classes used to provide general SQL database access for any type of .Net application. They provide low and high-level access, with the latter class including exception handling and logging via the Exception Handler described above (download both). Full documentaiton is included.

Download SQL Access Source and Binary Code

ASP.Net 3.5 Utility Suite for WinForm and WebForm Apps (written in C#)

These are useful utility classes that provide the following functionality: 1) UtilityCommonDialog - routines for handling all of the common dialog controls; 2) UtilityCrypto - routines for encrypting and decrypting strings and files (supports Rinjdael and TripleDES); 3) UtilityEventLog - routines for writing to the system event log; 4) UtilityFileDirectory - routines for a large variety of file and directory-related functions; 5) UtilityINI - routines for reading and writing INI files; 6) UtilityRegistry - routines for reading and writing registry entries; 7) UtilitySMTPMessage - routines for sending email messages; 8) UtilityZipUnzip - routines for programmatically zipping and unzipping files. All of these are implemented as sealed, static classes and can therefore be used directly, without needing to instantiate a class object.

Download Utility Suite Source and Binary Code

ASP.Net 3.5 WebForms MsgBox/ResponseBox Control (written in C#)

This is a C# webforms control which can added to the Visual Studio environment, and can then be dropped on a form to supply MsgBox and ResponseBox capabilities that are callable from server-side code.

Download MsgBox/ResponseBox Source and Binary Code

OpenSSL Certificate Utility (written in VB.Net)

This VB.Net application is a GUI wrapper around the most commonly used features of the OpenSSL application, the open source digital certificate technology. It allows you to easily generate and employ your own zero-cost certificates for web server SSL usage, email client security, encryption, digital signatures, authentication, and other purposes.

Download OpenSSL Certificate Utility Installation Zip File (large file, be patient)
Download OpenSSL Certificate Utility Source Zip File (large file, be patient)

SQL Database Upgrader (written in VB.Net)

This VB.Net application allows you to upgrade any type of SQL database (Access, SqlServer, MySql, Oracle, Postgres, etc.) from a script file. The script file can contain CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, INSERT INTO, and similar SQL contructs, all of which can be conditionally performed on the basis of an "IF" condition (e.g., INSERT INTO ... IF NOT SELECT ...) The script can therefore be designed to run repeatedly and only add or modify the missing elements. You can also use the script to set database, table, or field properties (e.g., AllowZeroLength on Access fields), and easily create/delete field and indexes. The source code is provided so that you can make your own enhancements.

Download SQL Database Upgrader Executable Zip File
Download SQL Database Upgrader Source Zip File

SQL Database Code Generator for VB6 and VBA (written in VB)

This VB6 application allows you to quickly build an industrial strength database program, and adds many safeguards and features that you would otherwise have to code for yourself. The app accepts database schema definitions in the form of an XML file, and generates all of the code necessary to access SQL databases in the form of a VB module that you insert into your application.

Download SQL Database Code Generator Executable Zip File
Download SQL Database Code Generator Source Zip File

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